Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Garden, January

I looked at pictures of my garden from last year and I'd say this year is a good month behind. No idea why. Anyway, it took a big step this month. Now my lettuce is producing at just the rate to sustain my daily needs. I have something like 20 tomato plants which seem to be spacing their blossoms so that I'll get a nice, long supply of tomatoes once they start getting red.

[16 planters this year, some of which have defied 3-4 seedings and are still barren]

[I artificially pollinated all my tomato blossoms with a cotton swab]

[There's 2-3 tomato plants mixed in with that lettuce - my brilliant idea to make use of all that wasted vertical space above those low-hanging lettuce leaves]

[front-to-back: fancy lettuce, cilantro, basil, and cabbage, next green peppers, then lots of tomatoes and broccoli]


Wren said...

Cilantro = awesome. I guess I never thought to grow that (maybe because it wouldn't grow in the NW?). I always feel like a chump buying it at the store when half the bunch is bound to go bad anyway. Being able to just pick what you need (like chives!) is awesome.

Dave said...

I think cilantro might grow for you.. my seeds came from your hardware store. (I think) Totally agree with you on picking what you need - I have only 2-3 plants and just this week they have taken off at a pace that I won't catch up to for months even though I use it a couple times a week.