Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cave

I woke up early and kayaked over to Aka this morning in search of some of the island's deer. Other than tons of scratches, some cool birds, and a pretty stream, the highlight of the 2.5-hour hike occurred in the first five minutes when I found this cave:

It was clearly man-made and I am making an educated guess it is from the time of the war.

My light, which I coincidentally had along, barely allowed me to determine this right branch went about 20 feet before stopping (or continuing underwater! oooh...).

So I went left.

The end, where I was hoping I would find skeletons or relics or something (like a land mine?). I was slightly unnerved about being this deep in a cave alone so I didn't stay long, but I'd like to go back and dig down under that loose soil and see what's there.

[see the entrance way out there?]

[oh, and I found a large glass fishing float! (and some small ones, which I promptly lost when a big wave crashed over my kayak on the return trip)]

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