Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kissing In Dark Places

We had a couple of school trips to Zamami this week, the latter of which had 300 high school students from somewhere on mainland Japan.

I had to go to the store at 8pm, which is after dark.  I opened my door, on the second story of the apartment building, and was surprised to surprise two high school kids who were making out below my building.  They heard my door and quickly scampered around the corner.

Having been a high school student once, I was on their side, so as I rode my bike past them I pointed to a more secluded place and said "over there! over there!"  The girl said "huh?" in an "I don't get it" tone.

Upon returning from the store I had planned out how I could better word what I wanted to say.  I had it all down when I came to their place, but the girl was alone now.  I quickly - and in retrospect, wisely - didn't say my line, which would roughly translate as:

"If you want to kiss in secret, you should go over to that dark place."


Anonymous said...


I would like to kiss you in the dark too.
You are my ideal man!!

I've been waiting for you.

ReBekha said...

Haha! Sketchy, Dave.... Sketchy. :)

Dave said...

Which part, Rebekha, the blog post or the first comment?

Anonymous said...

Oh, muy romantico!!!
?Tienes novio?
Te desseo.

Anonymous said...