Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exchange Students and Jesus

Our sister city students - from Tsumagoi, Gunma prefecture - came for just 24 hours yesterday, their trip limited by earlier boat cancellations due to a passing tropical storm.  We took them on a kayak trip yesterday afternoon.

I was planning to paddle along in my ongoing 'sit-in' kayak experiment, but there was one poor extra girl who didn't fit into a student pair.  She ended up being awesome and handled the "uh-oh, I have to paddle out to that island with a foreign English teacher!?" experience well, even treating me to super polite Japanese.

The small island we paddled to has a sandy incline where people often spell out love messages or sign their names with flat, black rocks.  I was dismayed to see that some proselytizing Christians had gotten ahold of the rocks.  I think it had probably taken them a long time to put this message and huge cross together:

But it only took me four minutes to dismantle it:


Saxtor said...

Dave Sensei, arrives by boat, leaves only chaos behind.

Son of Higashi said...

Eco-friendly chaos, however, taking only photographs, leaving lots of footprints.