Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zamami Fishing Tournament

We had a Zamami fishing tournament on Saturday which nearly every fisherman participated in. Ordinarily, with the type of fishing I do, I'd have a crack at taking the whole tournament (the fish I go after tend to be big, but are also hard to catch), but yesterday the weather didn't work for my non-boat-owning self.  I took out my kayak at daybreak to check out the waves out west, but I got sucked into an outgoing tide and out to sea into the huge rollers.  But they weren't just rolling, they were swirling and breaking and chopping and nearly shredding.  My tippy kayak was dipping and diving and I got really nervous, especially because I was without my life jacket (it disappeared while I was in America).  Fortunately I was able to turn around and ride the waves back into protected waters.  But it spooked [and soaked] me so I went back into port and took a nap.  Then I decided to go up north and check out my shore-fishing spot.  The rocks that the water is crashing over is where I would stand were I to fish from here:

(it's all in the first 20 seconds)

Dejected, I went home at 1pm.  The lone bright spot of the day was finding a small glass fishing float on a beach - oh, and I found another life jacket!

[The fish I fish for eats these fish for breakfast]

Bummed at having spent ~$30 to enter a fishing tournament yet get no fishing in, I moped around in the afternoon.  But my spirits were flipped at the party when I was refunded $10 because I couldn't fish from a boat (I was charged the 'boat' fee since I was going out in my kayak).  Then we had a pretty great dinner and all sorts of expensive prizes (flat screen tv, bikes, coolers, fishing poles) were given out.  I won a space heater for being the first person to show up in the morning!

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