Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sand Flowers

I helped teach at an English camp the last few days.  The kids were all from the Japan mainland and most of them have advanced English for their age (like the six-year-old who answered the question "What things do you like?" with "1 billion, 9 trillion, and black holes.").  On the first day we went snorkeling out at a deserted island, except I didn't get in the water because I'm old and know better.  It's a long story, but I ended up getting stranded on this island for 30 minutes longer than I'd hoped.  I was super cold, so I walked around to generate some body heat - and I found these flowers on the way:


Laura said...

What do you mean you know better than to snorkel?

Dave said...

Oh sorry... it's still March so the water is quite cold (and the outside air temp happened to be 12c). I left out some key information there.
The kids did wear wetsuits but they still froze. The boat was a glass bottom boat and didn't want to scratch the bottom and was having a lot of trouble getting in to pick us up so they went back to Zamami, then came back to pick us up. My fingers were already purple before the 30 minute delay, so that's why I took off walking. I'm glad I did as I got a nice photo out of it.

erin said...

this photo is great. great.