Monday, July 25, 2011

Magazine Feature

I was asked to photograph a woman for a magazine article she wrote on moving to Zamami from Kanagawa this past April.  I can't read the text so I'm not really sure of the point of the article, but all the photos but the turtle picture are mine.  Unfortunately there was some miscommunication and I didn't know the end result was going to be in black-and-white, or else I would have shot and processed differently.

[magazine mock-ups removed at author's request, but the magazine will be published within a month so I'll post a picture of the finished copy when it comes out]

Here's how the pictures would've looked if they were in color (seriously, they still make magazines in black-and-white?):

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Son of Higashi said...

Relocation Report

TITLE: Staging a harmonious existence with nature in a 170-year old traditional house

HEADING 1: After finding her ideal old-style home, she moved to Zamami three days later.

HEADING 2: Lessons learned from coming to terms with the inconveniences of island life.

Let me know if you want more...