Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fushimi Inari 2

Fushimi Inari was one of two landscape shots on my list for this trip and I think I've checked it off now. I went yesterday morning but was a little dismayed at how late I arrived (7:40am) so, after checking with the train station and finding that the first train goes at 5:35am, I rented a bike from my hostel, woke up at 4:40am, rode to Kyoto Station, and caught that first train.  Naturally, the dream shot I developed in my head yesterday was at the furthest point of the 4km mountainous path that is Fushimi Inari.  Unfortunately the sun was already coming up in the forest where I wanted my shot, but after doing some testing I'm not sure if, even under flat lighting conditions, it would produce what was in my head.  So onward I went to try to get something similar. This is one of many scenes I did, so you may be seeing these pictures often over the next few months.

I have been averaging 500-600 pictures a day on this trip and I got 550 just this morning, so between today and yesterday, there's a lot of Fushimi Inari to sort through.  (I should point out that for most low light shots I bracketed each frame with seven shots, so those numbers are inflated.)

Tonight I am attending a fireworks display in Kyoto.  Having never photographed fireworks before, it is serving as a practice shoot before Sunday's show at Miyajima, which is the number one priority of this trip.

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Anonymous said...


If you have a chance, please visit the following places:

1):From Biei(美瑛)to Furano(富良野)in Hokkaido. Flowering time with snow capped mountains is very beautiful.
2):Oirase gorge(奥入瀬渓谷)in Aomori-ken. Sring, summer times are nice but fall is the best. Beautiful autumnal tints.
3):Oshino-mura(忍野村), Yamanashi-ken. This place is famous for flowering cherry (Oshino-hakkai忍野八海) and snow capped Mt. Fuji.
4):Hida-takayama(飛騨高山),Gifu-ken, see gassho-zukuri(合掌造り)hauses(民家)
5):Kamikouchi Taisho-ike(上高地大正池),Nagano-ken. Beautiful lake and japan Alps.
6):Yakushima Island(屋久島),Kagoshima-ken. famous for subtropical to alpine vegetation.
you have to watch Yaku-sugi(屋久杉,Japanese ceders which are more than 1,000 years old).

I am going to looking forward to seeing your photos.

Your fan.