Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sabani 2011

The annual traditional canoe (Sabani) race was held last weekend after being canceled in June due to a typhoon.  There were 28 boats who raced from Zamami to Naha.  I think my team came in 8th.

Though it didn't turn out very spectacular, a lot of work went into the photo above.  I am standing atop a lighthouse to get this picture. The previous day I kayaked to this point, parked my kayak on the beach, climbed the overgrown trail up to the lighthouse, then figured out a way to climb it (and they've designed it to dissuade people like me).
I also borrowed a wider lens from another photographer, then got a ride out 20 minutes before the race start from my team's support boat.  Unfortunately, I think I am too high up for this to be an interesting picture.  If I have a chance again next year, I would climb the cliffs which are just out of the lower left of the frame.
Anyway, Zamami-maru is leading the charge in this photo, en route to winning the race.

[my team] 

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