Sunday, October 9, 2011

CreativeLIVE with David Nightingale

Yesterday we photographed during the afternoon session of CreativeLIVE's Creating Dramatic Images course with David Nightingale.  Today I went through my image live with David and learned quite a bit under pressure.  It's funny how my mind blanks a little when I think of the 7000+ people who are watching me process my image.  So David did most of the work but I am really learning how to see the possibilities in my images and where to start.  It really is easy, the hardest part is realizing this.

Here is the original:

Here's the edited version:


Dave F Barker said...

Massive difference Dave, well done, enjoyed watching you acheive the result :)

Denis Seguin said...

love the the editing!

David Ford said...

Nice work Dave. Was interesting to see you work under pressure through to your final image. All the best in your future endeavors.