Friday, January 27, 2012

Okiten 2012 Judging Results

Today the results for the photography category of Okiten 2012 were announced.  (Just a reminder, Okiten is Okinawa's art show.)  I've been working on my entries for four months, so the anticipation was pretty high.  The results are printed in the Okinawa Times newspaper today, but since I live on a faraway island, we don't get that paper until the first boat arrives at 10am.  And the results aren't posted online until about 9:30am, so I had to wait.  Except, my ex-girlfriend sent me an email at 8:20am that said "Congratulations." I quickly sent back three messages as my brain couldn't keep up with my typing and clicking of 'Send'.  But she wouldn't give any more details except to say "check the paper".

I had a class first period but afterwards I was able to see the results online:

The gist of that text is that there were 335 photos entered and 98 selected for display at the show.  The top award was not awarded, but the Okiten award and mayor's award and a few honorable mentions were announced at the top, then (in order of the city you are from) all of the 'display awards' are listed.  My name is highlighted in yellow.

Here's the newspaper clipping.  My name is in the lower left corner in the text that doesn't look like kanji.

The show is in March.  Interestingly enough, I don't actually know which of my two entries was selected.  I should find out next week.


Laura said...

Congratulations, Dave! That is fantastic and well-deserved.

ReBekha said...


Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Will be interesting to see which one they selected. Happy to know that quick turnaround with the printer turned out great results. Good job - well deserved :-)

Anonymous said...

Woww, Dave, sugooooi!!!
They are two gaijins selected by Okiten.
デビッド・クランプナー(Dave, That's you 座間味村)and ベンダー・ダニエル(名護市).
Do you know Bender Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave. I’m Dan Bender. I was very shocked to be chosen for the show. I was really just submitting as a learning experience. Well maybe see you at the show. Much Respect-Dan

Dave said...

Hey Dan, Thanks and congratulations! I submitted last year and didn't get accepted, so this year I put A LOT more time into my entries. But those judges are thus far an impossible enigma for me to figure out. Of my two entries this year I thought one was significantly better than the other, yet it was the other that was chosen. And I know for the most part I was disappointed with what was chosen for last year's show. The technical quality of some of their choices leaves a lot to be desired, as does the section of house cats..
I will be there on March 24th for the judges' explanation at 2pm.

Anonymous said...

How do you enter, is the a format, fee etc. where do you send it to? I can't find any information... is it open to foreigners? Tia