Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zamami People Project - Counting Down

With the opening this weekend, I am quite busy during this, the last week.  I've been photographing on every day that doesn't rain (and even some that do) and I've pared my list down to just 3-4 more photos I hope to get before Sunday.  Some photos will have to be taken after Sunday and they'll either be included as an addendum to the show or put into a book later on.  I'm still deciding on making a book, but I'm leaning towards it.  There seems to be a lot of interest.

Here is the oldest, non-bed-ridden woman on Zamami.  She's 97.  I've got both the oldest woman and man now!

After the opening this Sunday I'll spend some more time uploading the photos to my website and here.


Setsuko said...

I know her! She is always chilling out in the shade by the bridge:)

Sojourn said...

Touching article, Dave!