Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sabani 2012

I leave Japan a month from today and as you've noticed from my lack of blog posts, I'm busy.  Every night is filled with things that need to be done before I leave (complicated a lot by the elaborate presents I am giving to ~150 people) and the blog has fallen by the wayside.  Certainly not for lack of content, just too much on my plate.  Okay, so Sabani..

[Team Shimawarabi (my team) before the start]

[Eventual second-place, Team Kaisou.  I'd marry any of these girls if they'd have me.]

Just like last year, I hopped a boat ride before the start over to a small island that has a lighthouse.  This island serves as a 'corner' after the first straightaway, so the teams cut very close to it.  My goal was to get a picture of the string of boats (Zamami-maru leading) with the sun out and the coral and beautiful blue and turquoise waters showing.  Last year I went up to the lighthouse but I was too high so I didn't get the shot I was after.  But this year I went over a full hour beforehand and climbed up some cliffs and through some brush to get to the perfect viewpoint.  Then I waited 45 minutes for the race to start, anxiously watching the coming clouds.

[I had to jump out of the boat and swim through that water to reach shore, then climb those cliffs to get here]

[My view of the start.  Waiting..  waiting...]

[and here's the shot]

[a couple minutes later my team (above) passes through the narrows, about 8th back]

[the school team, who eventually finished in twelfth, is second-back in this shot]

After getting the shots I wanted I carefully but quickly descended the cliffs and then went over to the edge of the coral and jumped in, then swam out into the current for the support boat to pick me up.  I photographed for the next hour.

[Team Uminaivy, Zamami's women's team (finished eighth)]

[after I've been switched in, I'm second back]

[I'm the guy who looks like he's ready to cross the Sahara]

[finished in sixth place overall, 31 seconds out of the top three for our class]

[31 seconds from winning one of these]

[winner Zamami-maru and those wonderful Kaisou ladies, who finished just five minutes back and never traded out any of their members during the 3:40 race.  Even Zamami-maru concurred that they are the better team]

[the championship trophy]


erin said...


Mom said...

Great shots. They sure are going to miss you when you leave!!!

Setsuko said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures of "ZAMAMI"...

Gregory Martin said...

Dave, these are some really incredible pictures! Great job!! Can I link/ share on

Dave said...

Yes, Greg, feel free to link to them.

Anonymous said...

好(す)きといえばいいのに いつも言(い)えぬままに
月(つき)が上(のぼ)る小道(こみち)を 泣(な)いて帰(かえ)った
白(しろ)く咲(さ)いてる野(の)の花(はな)を つんで願(ねが)いをかける
どうぞ愛(あい)があなたに 届(とど)くようにと

好(す)きな人(ひと)はいつしか 他(ほか)の人(ひと)をつれて
駅(えき)のホームのはずれから そっと別(わか)れを言(い)って
それで愛(あい)が悲(かな)しく 消(き)えてしまった

小雨(こさめ)降(ふ)る日(ひ)はせつなくて ひとり涙(なみだ)を流(なが)し
つらいだけの初恋(はつこい) 乙女(やおい)のワルツ

Haze said...

hey D,

Awesome sabani shot. glad you finally got the shot you've been aiming for this year cuz it was your final year to do so.
A pity i missed out on the Sabani race this year, looks like you had beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...

These Okinawan photos are so beautiful.
Thank you for posting.