Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Winter Project

I spent the winter living on the island of Angaur, Palau, which is where I served in the Peace Corps eight years ago.  For 2.5 months I photographed all 31 families on the island.  I also did ten environmental portraits.  I did the family photos because nobody on the island has any family portraits due to the lack of a photographer, film, and computers.  Also because I'm a nice guy.  I did the environmental portraits because there are really interesting people there who need to be documented.  Also that was for my portfolio.

I paid for the trip out of my own pocket, but I'm hoping to get a little help defraying the costs associated with making hundreds of prints to mail back.  I plan to print at least one enlargement per family (8x10 minimum, but preferably 11x14) for their house and many smaller prints for mailing to relatives. I also hope to laminate the enlargements to protect them against insects and humidity.  Hopefully these prints will still be on the walls ten years from now!

If you'd like to contribute both the families and I will be appreciative.  Go here to see my Indiegogo campaign for the project:

Here is a small sample of some of the family portraits.  I'll post the environmental portraits next.


Setsuko said...

Wow,,,so lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
My name is Alanna. I was also a PCV in Angaur (06-08). Your pictures are beautiful. It made my day to see the family portraits. Thanks for sharing!


Dave said...

Alanna, I'm so happy you found them! I hope you also so the environmental portraits I did (check the April archives). It was a fun, if difficult, project. Hopefully someday I can go to some other Pacific islands (like Ulithi) to do a similar project. Maybe next winter! --Dave