Monday, August 24, 2009

Palauan First-Born (Ngasech) Ceremony, Part Six

There is nudity in this post.

[One of the traditions is to take these wet leaves and slap them against Emadch's ankles. More than a few times a wild old lady started whipping those leaves around and I barely escaped with a clean camera lens]

[You know how some guys use their grandmother's wedding ring to give their new bride? Palauan money is kinda like that, except it's been getting passed along for hundreds of years]

[There was a dance-off between the American and Australian delegations - a time when it's great to be the designated photographer]

[Emadch's siblings, Sam and Jo]

[Emadch's {not birth} father, Stuart, is the Palau representative to the United Nations. He gave a speech here about the high regard in which Palau holds their women]

[Three of the four generations]

[Andy, Coco Bella, and Emadch]

[Emadch's family]


Dave said...

Alii! Dave,

I'm Dave Sumang, we probably met once before. I lived in that house where the Ngasech is at..of course. When were you in Palau? I left Palau about 6 years ago. I really appreciate you posting the pictures. You did a great job, I'm looking forward to seeing more and also Mella's.

Thanks again,


Dave said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the comments on the photos. I was in Palau from 2002-2004, so I think that overlaps with you a little bit. We probably did meet - I hung out with Emadch both times she came to Palau from Australia during my time there and I remember going to the house quite often.