Monday, August 31, 2009


I spent much of this birthday thinking how nice it would be to have someone to share the day with. No, I don't mean marriage, just someone else to make me a cake. But there must be something about the timing of my birthday because every year, no matter how much reminding I do, nobody remembers.

Knowing ahead of time I would be spending my birthday alone (it's a really safe bet), I bought a tub of pecan coconut frosting when I was in Palau. And tonight I made myself a German Chocolate cake. (I just took the first bite and it's really good.. ..girls, you're missing out!)

[After reminding them it was my birthday, the teachers at Aka offered me one more eggplant than my allotment]

[Me at 31-years-old. I was required to wear a mask today at Aka, which is a story for another blog post]

Last year
I listed a few facts and thoughts about myself, so I'll do the same today:

Birthday height: 181cm (5'11.25")
Birthday weight: 85kg (187 pounds), which is about a pound heavier than last year

Something I've been thinking about a lot this past year is eating less. I usually do okay at eating well, but I keep reading that eating less calories is a theme in the lives of people who live a long time. It seems to work well for the Japanese (and not so well for Americans), so I've been trying to tame back my portion sizes - or at least stop when I'm not hungry anymore. I thought that might shrink me a bit, but the 3 pints of ice cream I ate in Palau might have messed up my lower calorie intake.

I'm two years into my stay in Japan and less sure of my future now than ever. My trip to Palau tempted me to think about what's next. This isn't meant to be foreshadowing because I don't really know what's next, I just think there will be a next. I'm happy with much of my life here, but improvements could be made with my relationship status and my Japanese language skills.

I've had a good year for running (new PR at Tokyo) and fishing (seven marlin?), I was allowed to go home last fall to go on a great hunting trip with my dad and uncles. I know a lot of people in the community and my services are in demand for sporting events. Everybody likes my bread, or whatever I'm making. I have a great, cheap apartment and a pretty good life, if a bit lonely.


emima said...

Happy Birthday!!
I want to eat your birthday cake...

I always say about eating...eek!

ほんとうに おめでとう!
party しよう♪

Cliff said...

Less calories = good, but I don't like the word 'less'. The idea is to not OVER eat. Like you said, stop when you are not hungry any more.

Also, good to see you are wearing a mask!

Son of Higashi said...


Those who brought you into the world said...

Hey wait just a minute, we didn't forget your birthday - what about the special card we sent with the 'cool' gift in it for you to open on the 31st? We were thinking - if you move back to the west coast (within a days drive) you'd be close enough that we could make a cake for you!!! Happy B-day ~ LOL :-)

Dave said...

Yes, I need to clarify. Every year lots of people remember (thanks Facebook), but nobody AROUND me remembers. It's not a big deal, really. It's just another day.

And thank you 'those who brought me into this world' for your gift that reached me in Palau. I did get the card, but I'm blanking on the 'cool gift' I was supposed to open yesterday? Does this mean I need to go back and look at that card? Did I get more than an eggplant yesterday?

elina said...

Hi, Dave. We never met, but I've been really enjoying reading your blog. So just wanted to say, fantastic pictures from Palau and Happy Birthday!

Daisy said...

Dave....Happy Birthday!
I glad to know you in palau.
Your blog is really nice.
I hope see you someday.

Anonymous said...


でも、せんせ~い、Lonely なんていっちゃ~いや~!!! 


約束(やくそく)してね~!! 指きりげんまんよ~~~!!! 大好き~~~!!!

Anonymous said...


Dave said...

Anonymous (what is your name again/ You told me but I forget..), you should send me a birthday card:


Dave said...

Elina, I think we did meet! Maybe at MYC? Anyway, I know who you are.. thanks for leaving a comment!