Monday, November 23, 2009


If videos went viral within the three islands I teach on, my footage of Abby the dog would be getting me interviews on morning talk shows. The kids here LOVE Abby. When I asked the kids in early October what they wanted to see video of from the U.S, all three islands responded resoundingly with "Abby!" I couldn't believe they even remembered her name (from last year's videos).

This demand actually played a role in securing Abby's spot on the trip, which was in question until I appealed. Fortunately, she delivered. Over half the videos I'm showing during my 45-minute "American slideshow" classes are of Abby - and it wouldn't be enough if she filled the entire period. We have dogs here, but they don't fetch nor do they have this kind of personality.

Here's a couple of the favorites:

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elina said...

What a fantastic dog! That'd be the only thing I'd miss about America too, if I were you. :)