Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Colorado Hunting Pictures

[where there's elk and barbwire fences, there's evidence]

[elk are known to eat the bark off standing aspens during deep winter snows or fallen aspens anytime]

[I found this blood trail with man prints following it out]

[An hour later I found the blood trail again, minus the man prints. I followed it for two more hours, but it was over 24 hours old and going in the wrong direction so I gave up]

[an old mining sluice box I found many miles from the nearest road]

[chips at 9200']


Jeff Anderson said...

You were hunting here in Colorado; where is the rest of your blaze orange?

Dave said...

Haha, good point! My orange vest wrapped itself up pretty well by the end of the day. I also lost the velcro off the front so it didn't latch across. But don't worry, it was covering my back just fine.
We were in Colorado, but had a pretty bum year! I only saw one cow on public property during season.
How was your season?