Monday, December 14, 2009

Justin and Aiko

I met Justin on a boat trip to the Kume Marathon two years ago. We talked much of the trip and found we had a lot in common, except the geography of our placements. He lives in northern Okinawa, so I think I only saw him one other time (when his girlfriend gave us a ride to the boat for another marathon). But I was really psyched to get an invite from him because the wedding would be traditional Okinawan (his bride is Okinawan) and many of my JET friends would be attending.

I arrived at the wedding 45 minutes early which was just in time for the rehearsal, so I photographed it:

[maid of honor and Aiko]

[I think this is a tradition at Okinawan weddings - it's piece of Okinawan fabric wrapped around their wrists to signify a bond]

[one of my few pictures from the actual ceremony - the professional photographer asked me to 'calm down' with my photography during the ceremony, which was cool with me]

The reception was the big deal. It lasted 3-4 hours and was full of entertainment provided by both sides. Lots of skits, a band, some Okinawan music, and the couple being presented in various outfits.


For more pictures see my Facebook album here.

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