Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Stellar Teacher.. I am.. Sometimes

Occasionally I find myself amidst a lesson I'm teaching and suddenly realize it's going really well! Recently this happened with the Geruma 5/6 grade on the topic of family. I had the students make 8-member fold-out families, which they colored and labeled. Then they stood in front of the class and asked/answered each other about the names of the members. ("Who is this?" "This is my grandmother, ......")

After that exercise we went into a game. I drew matching family trees on the ends of the chalkboard for the 5th graders and, in the middle, a more complicated family tree (aunts, uncles, cousins) for the 6th grader. I then randomly assigned numbers to the family members of each tree, then called out the numbers. The students had to find the number, figure out what it was in English, then find the corresponding magnetized card from their stack and stick it in the right place.


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