Friday, April 15, 2011

Incoming First Grade Students

These two girls are the incoming class of 1st grade students at Zamami.  I have known them since they entered nursery/kindergarten at age 3, so they are very comfortable with me.  ..a far cry from the guaranteed crying reaction I got from kids their age three years ago.

Here they are singing a song about being nervous at entering first grade:

Some family shots:


ReBekha said...

Preeeeeecious! I am so envious!

Mom said...

Such adorable children! And how about the class clown in the back? Great pose!! Couldn't help but notice all the beautiful potted flowers in the background. Are these grown at the school?

Dave said...

Yes, all the flowers are grown at school. Err, well, I think they are bought from Naha then transplanted. does that count? They use them for graduation, kindergarten graduation, incoming 1st/j.h. celebration, and incoming kindergarten. Lots of celebrations this time of year.