Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marlin #5, 6, 7

It's days like today when I come home from work and get a phone call telling me Yukibo (marlin captain) went out fishing today and caught three marlin (alone) that I think 'Why am I working?'  I am firmly opposed to working my life away in a career job, mostly because there are things like marlin fishing that I would choose over almost any day of any job.  So I work with the ultimate goal of maximizing those earnings in days off later down the road.
Yukibo?  He was just born into the right family with perfect real estate on Zamami that houses money-making businesses.  I know I'm lucky to have been placed here and to be able to go along with Yukibo for free on any non-working day, but today I would rather sulk about missing out on these marlin (and just getting the pleasure of cleaning them).

[~85kg, ?, 134kg]

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