Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cards

This is the lesson I do with my kids every year at Christmas.  Usually doing the whole thing (including the snowflake and the writing) would be too much for kindergarten, but at Geruma the kindergarteners are very advanced.  I love these two kids - they have so much personality.  They know the days of the week, weather patterns, fruits and vegetables, the alphabet, and many verbs.  And when I ask them questions in Japanese (outside of class) they always answer with "yes" or "no".  It's very cute.

[You can see they have never written Roman characters before, but I had them do it so that a 10 years from now they can look back with amusement at their first attempt.]

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Mom said...

This is really impressive work for kindergartners! It's amazing the detail in the snowflakes at such a young age. You're right - these will be great memories when they are older. Plus, the kids are so darn cute!!