Friday, December 23, 2011

School Bread

We made cinnamon bread in class at Aka this week!  I used this recipe, referred to me by my friend, Vaughn.

I taught the kids two important things to make bread-making easy: (1) disregard all the steps the recipe gives you, just put all the liquids together, then put all the dry ingredients in (flour last) and (2) don't measure flour, just keep adding it until you get the right consistency (a ball that is just past 'sticky').

[Who does the dishes?  Girls, of course]

[post rising dough - thankfully it wasn't a cold day]

[rolling out the dough]

[adding a thin layer of water - I taught the students that this is the most important step of the whole recipe because if the dough is too wet, all the cinnamon sugar will melt out into a pool at the bottom]

[adding tons of cinnamon sugar]

[I didn't stick around for the tasting because I had to catch a boat, but I daresay this was the best bread I've ever had come out of a class - and I've probably made bread ~10 times with my students]

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Mom said...

WOW...the bread is really impressive! Tell the kids I said they did a fabulous job and the results are making my mouth water! In fact, I'm going to make the recipe this weekend. I may even try adding chopped apple. That would be a nice variation too. I've never spread a thin layer of water over top of the dough, but that's a good idea!