Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tokashiki Half-Marathon Publicity

I made the front page of one of the two Okinawa newspapers:

[front page]

[looking.. not so great.  Interestingly, that guy in the blue shirt is giving me the eye here - he ended up finishing a few places back (I think he might have been the guy who stuck close to me through most of the latter half of the race) and he and his gf took pictures with me afterwards.  I'm not sure if that's weird or not?]

[303 men and 83 women finished the race, so I'm in the 1%]


Dad said...

He probably thinks you are some famous runner and wants to be seen with you or you have your first groupie!

Dave said...

Dad, he can't be my first groupie. you must be forgetting my gay stalker?

Gordon, autographs are probably already out of your price range.

Setsuko said...