Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tokyo Marathon Pre-Race 2

I made it to Tokyo okay last night, but didn't get to bed until 1am.  I woke up at 6am because my body is dumb.  I did a quick 3k test run this morning.  It was 7°C(44°F), raining, and windy.  Not fun at all.  I wore shorts to see how that would go and it didn't go well.  Neither did my exposed face.  The problem with making judgment calls on a 3k run, though, is that the marathon has another 39k.  Looking forward, the weather is supposed to be clear tomorrow, so I'm thinking my head will be alright.  But, shorts or tights?  I'm yet undecided on that one.  I will have four shirts on and two sets of arm warmers and at least half of that is predicted to come off during the race.

My body felt okay during today's run.  By that I mean that I didn't feel springy (that should hit around 10k), but I also didn't feel any pain or soreness, so I shouldn't have any injury concerns.

I went to the expo mid-day to pick up my race packet and t-shirt and I was annoyed for the second consecutive year that they got my t-shirt size wrong.  Fortunately the design is terrible so I wouldn't wear the shirt anyway.

[B-group again (B stands for Badass)]

I haven't mentioned this, but it's looking to be a big race for the fast guys.  It's part an Olympic qualifier for the Japanese men and some of the Africans who are here are also quite good (former world record holder).  Here is a good link on the elites who will be at the race.

And once more, if you want to follow along for the 5k live updates, go here: and enter in my bib number: 22997
Race starts at 9:10am local time, 4:10pm Saturday PST.

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