Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Women of Dazhai, China

As I mentioned earlier, after realizing I would not get the rice field shots I'd come for I made a decision to concentrate my last 24 hours on photographing the [famous] women of the village.  They are famous because they don't cut their hair, except when they have a baby.  But the hair that is cut after the baby is kept and wrapped up top with the rest of the hair.  The unofficial starting date for hair collecting is at age 18.  The woman below had two cut lengths of hair included in that big blob.  She washes it often in the post rice-cleaning water, which apparently keeps the hair very healthy?  She's been putting the same hair back on top of her head for 30-40 years so I guess there must be something to it?

The women are used to being photographed (for a fee - about $.80-1.60), but got restless after 10 frames so I learned to be quick.  This was tough in a few low light situations, where I was happy for all the photography learning I've done so I could react properly while working on the very edge of what my camera's capability (ISO1600, f/2.8, 1/100sec.).

In the order I photographed them:

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Wow, what are cute smiles !!!