Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zamami People Project - June 17th Opening

I started doing some weekend allotment a week or two ago and realized I only have one free weekend in June to open my photography show on Zamami - that of June 9-10.  Then I looked at my wall of 'shots taken/shots to be taken' and panicked.  Then it rained for the next ten days and my panic multiplied.  So I talked it over with a friend and decided to not only change the opening night of the show from a Saturday to a Sunday, but to slide it back a week.  There is a big event on Zamami June 16/17 (Rough Water Swim), but if I hold the opening the evening after RWS, hopefully many Zamami people can attend, which is the goal, after all.  So I've just settled on June 17th and started telling everybody.  That's less than four weeks away, but I'm confident things will mostly come together.  There are some ideas that will likely not get photographed, but there probably isn't space for them anyway.  I'd hoped to produce an accompanying book of the images, but considering that I will be photographing up until the last minute, this would have to come later.

Today was the biggest shoot of the whole project - an attempt to gather all of the 3-, 2-, 1-year-olds, babies, and mothers together at one time.  We got about half of them, which was a little disappointing but probably a pretty good turnout.  Thankfully the weather complied.  I know I got a useful shot, but I haven't yet completed the processing on my hopeful 'stellar' shot (it's a 10+ image panorama composite).

Here are some outtakes:

[I handed off my point-and-shoot to my 'assistant' and she got some great behind-the-scenes photos, which is something I need more of!]

[giving my thank you speech/show announcement]

[gradually moving them all to the right... (and five more will go in the next two days)]


ReBekha said...

Can you have a private Saturday viewing for those of us who live off-island?? Or will we be able to see it Sunday and still catch a ferry back? I'd love to see your show!

Dave said...

I will probably be putting the show up that Sat/Sun, so you'll be able to see everything if you're out that weekend. Otherwise it'll be up for at least a month. But yeah, the official opening will be Sunday night (tailored for the schedules of Zamami residents). I don't know how long it'll take to put everything up, but my goal is to have it finished on Saturday, the 16th.

Anonymous said...

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Son of Higashi said...

Dude, just tell us who you are and get it off your chest! 片思いは楽しくないでしょう?