Friday, May 28, 2010

New Wheels

With the help of Vaughn, I bought this bike from a military couple.  This $75 bike is a big step up from my two free bikes, both of which have non-functioning brakes, no ability to change gears, and wheels that are rusted to the frame (so in the case of a flat tire where the tube must be replaced, the bike is done).  As soon as I got this bike in my hands, I said "I should have done this two years ago."


ReBekha said...

A great bike. :) Thanks for loaning it to T. He felt like a rock star next to us on our little coasting bikes with no gears. At least we had a basket and a bell!

I don't know how you got around your island for 2 years without a good bike... those hills are torturous. :P

emima said...