Saturday, May 22, 2010

School Diving

We a field trip this week.  All the elementary students went snorkeling while the junior high students went diving.  Being the only teacher who is certified, I was able to go along.  The school has an Olympus shock/waterproof camera so they sent it along with me for pictures.

We have a coral reef research center on Aka and they've reserved a small section of the ocean nearby for their research.  We went there to show the students what was going on underwater.  It also had the advantage of being just 10m deep.

[one of the research projects - I don't really know what was going on with it except that it was a closed system powered by solar energy under water!]

[knowing the students' excitement for learning under water was low, many of the dive guides resorted to blowing air rings]

[Watch the white fish.  I thought he was bluffing.  He actually bit my right index finger - fortunately he didn't have any teeth]

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Anonymous said...

Wow - great photos. Would love to hear more about the research project in a future post.