Sunday, May 16, 2010

ツツジ (Rhododendron)

I always thought this was a lily, but Wikipedia Japan says it's a rhododendron.  They are plentiful (and wild!) around Okinawa in April and May.


Anonymous said...


I think this flower is an Easter lily(鉄砲百合<テッポウユリ>、別名べつめい:琉球百合<リュウキュウユリ>、scientific name:Lilium longiflorum).

Easter lily is a plant native to Japan and Ryukyu Islands.

Please check a wikipedia テッポウユリ.

I love your blog and I love you.


Dave said...

Thank you, JPM!
You are very right. I must've somehow gotten confused into thinking these were つづじes. Thank you for the clarification.