Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kerama Deer

The Kerama deer live on Aka and Geruma, but not Zamami.  They usually make their public appearances early in the morning or just before dark - times when I am never on those islands.  Occasionally, though, I will run across them during the day. 

So it was a couple days ago when I was doing some research for a secret project when I ran into these deer.  They weren't too worried about my presence, which was awesome for photography:

[this is the biggest buck I've seen in real life or pictures]

[two bucks, still in velvet]

[nice composition, Dave!]


ReBekha said...

Some of the new JETs have already heard of you and your adventures. :) You are famous. This is awesome. I want to go here now.

Dave said...

Hey, I was thinking about organizing a Zamami trip for the new people, in lieu of the missing Tokashiki trip. I'll send you an email with more details..