Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sabani: The Start


[we were fourth coming out of this turn, but then made some poor route choices (tacking instead of just putting the sails down and paddling into the wind), so when we got to the strong sailing portion we'd dropped to 14th]

[we're alone out here while the rest of the teams paddle to the next turn way out to the right]

[that single guy behind our boat in this photo is ahead of us at this point, a good indicator that tacking was not a good idea]

[one of at least three broken masts I saw at the end]

I asked to be in the support boat at the start hoping I'd get some good pictures.  But the weather didn't comply so I wasn't too psyched about any of my shots.  Unfortunately we never traded out the members in the boat, so I never got to paddle.  The end was supposed to be in Naha, where the party would be held.  They still had the party in Naha, but all had to take a ferry to get there.  I did some math on this and it would have cost me another $80-100 in hotel/boat/food costs to attend the party (in addition to the $30 I'd already paid for the party itself).  I sadly decided to eat that party fee and stay on Zamami (sad, but I don't regret it).  Overall, Sabani was sort of a letdown this year.

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