Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Super Yacht

I was instructed to head over to the super yacht upon its arrival last night since there was rumored to be a foreigner on board. I did so and met the English captain (not to be mistaken for the owner).  We agreed to meet up later, after my eisa practice.

The boat is 100 feet long and only three days old.  Everything still has plastic on it.  I got an awesome tour that started with an introduction to the computer system that is used to operate everything.  Then we got to see the head state room, then the lower state rooms. I was just continually blown away throughout the tour by the things that I had never imagined being on a boat.  Take the combined washer/dryer, BBQ, outdoor stove, or full-sized refrigerators, for instance. Oh yeah, a huge outdoor bar and the jacuzzi.  The engine room was probably my favorite.  Two 12-cylinder Caterpillar engines for two props.  Port and starboard stabilizers for when the boat is traveling parallel to big waves.  Three air-conditioning units.  On-board desalination plant, which produces 57 gallons of freshwater an hour, and the captain told me it can barely catch up overnight from what the ladies use during the day. There were two jetskiis, lowered from the bridge with a crane.  I forget the capacity of the fuel tanks, but I remember that it costs about $100,000 to fill them.  The captain is just a regular dude, so it was fun to make "I can't even imagine.." comments with him.

[if you look below "PANAMA" you'll see a tank to keep your fresh-caught fish alive]

No information on the owner, but he was on the boat with his friends and harem (imagine the kind of girls who get invited to ride a boat like this) and I unknowningly talked to him.  The boat came from Taiwan, where I assume it was built, and it's heading to Nagoya in the next couple days.  Price?  $7.2 million.

They say money doesn't buy happiness, but after touring this boat I beg to differ.


~~~MOM~~~ said...

I just know since today's my birthday that you meant to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM" because YOU actually bought me that boat for me, right??!!!!! Oh yea, tell the captain if he needs an awesome baker to live aboard I can leave tomorrow!!!

Cliff said...

Dude, it's sweet, don't get me wrong. Maybe it's the pictures...but for $7.2 million...I thought it would be bigger.

Dave said...

I wish I could've given you pictures of the inside - it was astounding.

As for the value, I also tried to assess that, but in reality I just have no idea how much $7.2 million is. If I'd been told it was $3 million or $10 million, I suppose I would have had the same reaction.

I really wonder what the markup was on things like the Jetskiis and appliances, which can be purchased separately from the boat but which were probably included in the total package.