Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Awesome Trade

There were a ton of foreigners - mostly Europeans - on Zamami this summer.  Among them was a girl from Switzerland who brought along her cycling panniers to Osaka, where she got off the plane and bought a touring bike.  She proceeded to ride it around Japan for four months, wrapping up her trip with two weeks of relaxing on Zamami.  Being in the market for a second bike to have around for guests, I asked her what her plans were for the bike.  She said she would just give it away in Naha before leaving.  I was very keen to include myself in her 'giving away' thought process so I let her know.  I even offered to pay her some money for the bike, but in the end she gave it to me for free (along with some spare parts and valuable tools).  (Well, I gave her a half-dozen of my enlarged photographs and a promise to email some hi-res versions.)

The bike is too small for me, but it's still awesome.  I am planning to do a cross-Japan ride before leaving so the racks might come in very handy for me.  Regardless, like the fishing lures I gave away earlier this week, the bike will end up being put to good use.  It's nice to be in the right place at the right time and be involved in a transaction that benefits both sides.

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