Friday, September 17, 2010

iStockalypse Japan

As a contributing member of iStockphoto, I check out their forums from time-to-time.  Last week I stumbled upon a thread about an event called iStockalypse Japan.  iStockphoto does these iStockalypses every year in various cool places around the world.  I've never looked into them much because they didn't seem too relevant to me.

One of the difficulties with living where I do is that I am really isolated from other people who do the same things that I do.  So my opportunity to learn things in a hands-on environment is nonexistent.  My photography has improved a lot since arriving here, but there is still so much to be learned by standing next to another photographer and asking questions.

So I entered the drawing for a place at iStockalypse.  There were 10 slots for invited (professional) photographers, 20 slots for iStockers (note the apt coincidence with 'I stalk her') from around the world, and 15 slots for iStockers within Japan.  I ended up getting an invite a couple days ago and had to do some quick 'asking for more time off from work' and changing my plane tickets (note to everybody: i think airlines make their money on people who change their tickets).

I've sadly had to cut 4 days off my hunting trip, which is a huge bummer.  iStockalypse is nine days long and in a high-end district of Tokyo.  We'll each have three days of studio shooting, three days of out-on-the-town shooting, and three other days that I forget what they're for.  Everything but my transportation, food, and lodging is paid.  (i.e. the huge expense of models and lighting is being covered by iStock.) I also get to sell all the photos I take, as the purpose of this event is to add a lot of Japan-related content to the iStock collection.

That's about all I know right now. It should be awesome.


Katy. said...

This is totally cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Abby will miss you!