Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Fishing Lures

I was staying with some military contractor friends on the Okinawan mainland a few weeks back.  The husband, who has been transferred back to DC, was in the process of unloading 12 years of crap.  He knew I was  fisherman, so he said "hey, I've got this big box on the front porch full of fishing gear that you can have."  

The box probably weighed 120 pounds and I couldn't lift it alone.  They gave me a ride to the port, where I had to have help getting it on the boat.  This week I finally sorted everything and untangled all the birds nest of lines - with wire cutters.  I laid all the lures out on my floor, took out what I wanted (very little), then called up the fishermen I knew and had them come over to pillage the pile.  75% of it is gone now with a promise from one guy to take whatever was left over, so I've successfully redistributed all of this closeted fishing gear to people who will hopefully use it - and maybe strengthened a few friendships in the process.


Son of Higashi said...

How much would it take to get you to sleep on a floor full of lures? (and how fitting that the anti-spam word verification is "flures")

Dave said...

I would probably do it for a couple more fishing lures.

fishing lures said...

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