Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iStockalypse Tokyo #2

[click to enlarge]

This is one of the few that I am especially proud of because the idea was all mine.  Stock photography is very different than art, wedding, or portrait photography.  The key is to come up with a concept that will sell as stock, then nail it.  I don't know if this concept will sell, but it's certainly better than some of the stuff I shot (see: first day (ugh..)).  I took our group leader with me on this one and he helped with a reflector, but otherwise I photographed this exactly how I envisioned it, which rarely happens.


Anonymous said...


I'm in love.
I'm yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

Every time a cherry blossom petal fall, another unfilled love
Is wiped out by tears and smiles
And I've grown up more.
This sadness that keeps chasing me
This strong, pure sadness will never, ever change
The love that blooms inside of you and me.

Anonymous said...

Don't say anything, it shouldn't be put into word.
The falling tears are turned into rain, healing the wounds of my heart.
At the banks of everyone's hearts, there is a flower that you can't let go.
It is not a very strong flower, it is a flower that sways fleetingly.
I feel the strength of living as much as the number of flower petals.
Struck by the blowing wind of the storm, too.
There is no rain that won't cease.