Thursday, November 18, 2010

iStockalypse Tokyo #6

This guy was a terrible model - this was about all I could do with him so he wouldn't mess up the shot.


Laura said...

what makes a model terrible?

Dave said...

He couldn't smile. I did a portrait of him with the girl and asked him to smile 6 times and the corners of his mouth lifted up a nearly imperceptible bit. Also, he was really stiff. She was beautiful, he was awful. Maybe I'll post those shots next.. I actually ditched him and just did portraits of her alone.

One of the other differences is an experienced model knows what the photographer wants. He/She will hold their pose until you snap the shutter, then they'll adjust so you can get a different shot/angle/facial expression. We'll also be thinking along the same lines - so if I explain that I want the girl to lay her head on his shoulder, he'll lean in to her or know to look at her, or whatever. This guy couldn't help me out at all.

Also, to me he seemed uncomfortable with the girl - maybe because she was cute. She was 20 and he was 24 or 25 and if he's never had a girlfriend before this might have been a new experience for him. Unfortunately we're paying him to feel comfortable.