Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japanese Girls Messing Up My Brain

The trouble with being in a room with Japanese conversation and a girl you're interested in is trying to focus on the conversation.  In America I can let the conversation go on in the background and store it in my short-term memory for immediate recall if necessary.  But in Japanese it takes all my effort to be on the edge of understanding the conversation and if I drop out for even a moment it's hard to catch up.  But when I look from the guy on the right to the guy on the left as they speak and my eyes pass over the girl en route, my brain wavers.  And then I lose my ability to impress her by understanding and participating in the conversation.

Fortunately I brought brownies.


Anonymous said...

It's tough to be a bachelor isn't it?

Son of Higashi said...

That comment would carry so much more weight if it wasn't made anonymously.

Dave said...

@Anonymous: not as tough as having a girlfriend!

@Vaughn: probably my mom or dad... (?)