Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Typhoon Songda

It's big.  The wave forecast, which I'm hearing is going from 3m waves today to 11-12m waves tomorrow (ELEVEN METERS!). (update: just checked the warning text on JTWC and it says max wave heights right now are 38 feet!)  The main Okinawan island is just left of center on that graphic and my islands are a little left of that.

Winds are predicted to be 95-105 knots (110-125mph) sustained with gusts to 115 knots (130mph), but those predictions have been trending downward in the last few hours.

Here's a prediction graphic from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center:

[The arrow is pointing to about where I live]

The only preparation I had to do was move my kayak from the port to behind a concrete wall at my apartment building.  There is a lot of loose stuff on my balcony but I should have time to take care of that in the morning. Some of the island's preparations:

[tape over the cracks, boarded up, newspaper to absorb water, and everything that was outside is now inside] 

[Everything shuttered.  Funny my old apartment building, which is on the ocean, doesn't have shutters.  Could be in interesting day..] 

[spiderwebs of ropes] 

[even the big fishing boats are being pulled for this one]

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erin said...

be safe, it would really suck for me if something happened to you.