Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/4 Fishing

Went marlin fishing yesterday but had no marlin hits.  Mid-day we went a little south an underwater fish attractant device (payao) and trolled around to catch some small fish for sashimi for the after parties of yesterday's baseball tournament.  It was just the captain, me, and Miho:

The most interesting part of the day involved her and this bucket of blood-water:

When we pull the small tuna out of the water we immediately tear their gills at the base to bleed them out because it's supposed to make the sashimi taste better?  We do this in the above bucket, which starts as saltwater but quickly turns red.  Once we caught two fish at the same time.  Miho was holding her fish in the bucket, so I tore the gills on mine and dropped it in to hurry and get the lures back in the water.  Buuut, sometimes when the fish die they convulse violently.  Mine did this as soon as I let it go, creating an explosion effect and spraying blood water all over Miho.  She looked up at me, blood dripping down her face, and uttered the most perfectly slow "Deeebiitoooo".

[After trolling at the payao we brought in this trolling lure and saw something mean ate the hook off of it - mostly likely a wahoo  (though we did see two hammerhead sharks! (but they don't hit these lures))]

[mahi mahi, bonito, and yellowfin tuna]


Anonymous said...

That is some fine eating there! So what is the english version of what she said?

Dave said...

"Daaaavviiiiiiiiiid" (my name)