Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Champion Prizes

We had a party on Zamami last night at the captain's restaurant to celebrate our winning of the 2011 Sam's Cup Billfish Tournament.  Here's the prize haul we had to stuff in a car, then take on the ferry to get back to Zamami:


There's three cases of American beer, a folding bike, a fan, beer-branded mini coolers, a marlin print, three trophies, rice, gift certificates for rice, a g.c. for a night at a fancy resort, $100 in g.c. to a steak restaurant, a nice kariyushi/aloha shirt, a resin head for a trolling lure (that says "Sam's Cup 2011 Champion), fishing line, a Penn International 50 reel, various jewelry and makeup, a sleeping bag, a big folding sun tent, a rolling box, and a stuffed marlin.


[the really good prize - worth around $1000]


[I didn't really want any of the prizes because I don't need any of them, but this awesome shirt was in size XL which is about three sizes too big for any other team member, so it went to me.  Despite the tackiness, it's actually from an expensive Okinawa aloha shirt maker (Paikaji)]


Cliff said...

I won a marlin tournament and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

Dave said...

Haha, I didn't even get a girl..

Mom said...

They could have at least given you the bike!!!

Dave said...

I already have two bikes!