Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Night on Aka

One of my friends from the mainland (who served in the Peace Corps with me ten years ago!) came to Aka Island yesterday with his family and stayed at a place I recommended.  The couple who own this hotel have a pretty solid grasp of English and are doing everything they can to make their kids fluent, including inviting me over for the night (and it was convenient because I am teaching on Aka this week).  In fact when I arrived the mother informed me of the one rule I needed to follow as an invited guest: I could only speak English.  
It was really a lot of fun and gave me a better feel for the English level of their older boy, who is in 6th grade and has already passed a high school level English test.  The mother (Ai) was very firm in her invitation for me to come back and said that next time I teach on Aka and Geruma I can just stay at their hotel for the two-week stint.  I had so much fun I may take them up on a night or two.

[that cinnamon bread was my gift to them for having me]

[the view from the deck and my room just off to the right, which Ai referred to as my 'second home']

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ReBekha said...

Tell them if they want another English tutor, I will come out and stay with them for a weekend. ;) Housing for English? Done. Hehe
You're such a lucky guy, Dave!