Monday, January 5, 2009

Expanding My 'What I Can Make' Repertoire

Tonight I made [healthy-ish] doughnuts! From a Japanese recipe! Though I had to get a little help on the method of cooking. I translated the kanji and came up with hot, fox, and color. Turns out I was right - I was to cook them until their color turned to that of a fox. A Japanese fox, not an arctic one (my sassy retort to the ridiculousness of using a fox as a color marker).


erin said...

you're like the betty crocker version of THE MAN.
these look good. you should send me the recipe (in english please...)

Sorry about the knee problems. wasn't it you who told me running cures all knee pain?

Dave said...

I had to read your betty crocker comment twice. clever. i'll work on the recipe in english someday. actually, pretty easy. do you have a pan with vegetable oil and heat? then you can make them!

It was me who told you and others that the solution to knee problems is to run more. I'll clarify that: the three-month solution is to run more. The jury's out on what the second-step of that program is, but it's probably eating donuts.