Friday, January 2, 2009

Eggs, Milk, and Flour

I went to the store this morning to pick up a few things to make a recipe my mom sent: apple stuffed pancakes. I thought I'd point out the sizes and prices of these basic ingredients.

The eggs always come in groups of ten and are packed in plastic. They cost 250 yen (for large), or about $2.75. They're closer to 200 yen in Naha. The milk comes in a one liter box. In the picture is nonfat milk costing 260 yen, or about $2.90. In Naha it's about 220 yen. The flour is all-purpose and comes in a one kilogram (2.2 pounds) bag. At the Zamami store it costs 263 yen, or about $2.90. Bread flour is 326 yen here. In Naha the prices run about 200 yen and 270 yen, respectively.

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