Friday, February 6, 2009


This year was much harder than last. It's a huge decision: the difference between leaving in six months or 1.5 years. This being the halfway point is a bit daunting.

My decision doesn't include things like the economy or travel plans, but instead personal goals and how I'm doing at my job. I must be fair to myself and my students.

On the personal side, I'm really pleased with the extracurricular activities this place offers. Diving, fishing, kayaking, [illegal] camping, whale watching, Japanese girl watching, photography, and beachcombing are all things I really enjoy and haven't tired of yet. And it's nice to be in a climate to be outside all year long.

The teaching side is a little less rosey (hyacinthy?). I've been in a bit of a rut lately. My teaching is fine, but it's lacking creativity. I haven't been challenging myself and I've been struggling with monotony. I'm still unsure of the solution, but I suspect it will include more contact with my sister and other friends who teach as well as buckling down and making a plan.

Two years of Peace Corps seems like a long time during the first year. It seems like you've only just become a member of the community by the time you leave. I'm excited about further strengthening my connection to a community which already widely accepts (and knows) me. It will be interesting to see what develops out of this, the longest commitment I've made since college.


Anna said...

I guess I have no excuse now not to visit you. 3 years should, in theory, be plenty of time to save up the money for the trip. Or, you can just buy me a plane ticket and then I have no excuse! :)

Wren said...

Congrats! That's huge. Decision making is never easy. Getting it done and out of the way with is cause for celebration!! The first coconut fruit shake is on me!

margaret said...

Wonderful! I'm looking forward to another year of great blog posts.