Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Running Log 1/26-2/1

1/26 5k
1/27 11k 1:00.53
1/28 5k
1/29 off
1/30 11k 59.42.8
1/31 22k 2:02.48
2/1 off

I hate my running life right now. The first week of my 2-3 off was like a taper. I walked around feeling awesome and race ready, wasting away all the hard work I have put in during the last five months. Since seeing the doctor and getting no resolution I have decided to make an attempt at the Okinawa City Marathon in three weeks. But since I won't be anywhere near breaking last year's time, or matching this year's goal, I will not be satisfied. I guess at this point 'finishing' has become my goal. For me that is a weak goal. I am still deciding what to do about Tokyo.


Laura said...

how is the knee feeling now?

Dave said...

it's not feeling great. i tried to pick up the pace on wed. and it didn't respond well, so i took thurs/fri off. tmw i have a half-marathon to run and i'll probably tack some distance on in the morning to see how i feel with a 30ish km piece. I suppose the feeling afterwards might make my decision for Tokyo.