Friday, February 20, 2009

Zamami 3年生

Today I completed the coolest project I've organized since I've been here. I've been thinking of this since last year's graduation, but was unpleasantly surprised on Tuesday to find out this was my last week with the Zamami graduating class (known as 3年生, or j.h. 3rd grade, or 9th grade). The schedule shows I get them again, but it turns out I don't. I wavered, being unable to do the project to the extent I've been imagining, but decided to go forth with a cropped version.

Today fifth and sixth periods were allotted to English. We started by making brownie batter. When the brownies went in the oven it was showtime. For them at least. I'd been working on it all week and this morning made a delivery of 14 cinnamon rolls with instructions to various destinations around the village.

Each pair of students received a little envelope with an English map of Zamami inside with instructions on where to start and how to reach their destination. And off they went!

["This would be so much easier if it were in Japanese"]

Once they reached their destination, a local greeted them with a short list of English questions to which they had to respond. This was a fun way to incorporate the people in the community who either have a firm grasp of English or who enjoy practicing with me.

["I don't believe you, nobody's favorite food is natto."]

After it was all over we returned to the school just in time for the brownies to come out of the oven. And since this was our last class together, they presented me with a neat little "Thank You" board with contributions from everybody. It was really nice. I like them and will miss them.

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erin said...

this project is so cool and the pictures are great!
way to be a good teacher. I'm glad things turned out well.