Monday, April 20, 2009

Eating Over-ripe Food

I remember making a soup last year that was a weak attempt at copycatting a chicken soup I'd been taught. I didn't have any chicken, so I substituted fish (still maintaining the chicken broth base) and also threw in some pumpkin because I was short on other vegetables. It didn't turn out well, but I'd made a lot of it. I kept chipping away for a week, each time knowing I wasn't going to feel very good after eating. Eventually I finished it and complimented myself on the determination I showed at eating through the acidic flavor it had and the discomfort it caused.

Yesterday I made some of my baked tuna fillets into a gourmet tuna salad. I looked up some recipes and settled on a combination of curry powder, yogurt, mayonnaise, and some other things. These were all in addition to the two (opposite) ways the tuna had originally been cooked. It was quite a mish-mash and, if you've guessed correctly, it didn't taste good at all. My head was sorta throbbing afterwards, but I didn't draw a correlation.

Until tonight, when I continued to eat the same tuna (which has been cooled and reheated at least 3 times) and my head really throbbed and now I feel terrible. It kills me to do this, but I think I am going to throw out the last serving.

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Laura said...

This sounds like a reasonable thing to do. I don't think I ever would have made it through the chicken/fish soup.